Sanford Teacher Lounge (2012-2013). An online teacher community that integrates badge infrastructure to motivate and support learning and professional development of teachers who use Sanford Harmony Program (
Role: Instructional Designer

Harmony Game (2011-2012). A 2D simulation-strategy game that teaches children (grades 4 through 6) the consequences of gender bias on peer collaboration (unpublished). Designed for Sanford Harmony Program in collaboration with Filament Games (
Role: Game Design Contributor and Learning Expert

Educational Psychology Modules (2008). Modules on learning theories, cognitive development, instruction, assessment, and classroom management for adults who are pursuing a teacher certification. Developed for Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.
Role: Curriculum Designer

Family Quest (2007-2011). A 3D family game space and program that promotes family learning around academic content and social issues (
Role: Designer, Program Developer, & Researcher

TavCats (2007-2008). A game that teachers children (ages 9-13) compassion in Quest Atlantis—a 3D multi-user educational environment (
Role: Designer & Researcher